"The guest is king!"
Enjoy a culinary and relaxing time at our restaurant! Lean back and leave it to us to fulfill your culinary wishes in our restaurant. Whether a romantic dinner for two, a barbecue on our terrace, a seminar, a large festivity or a dinner event, our restaurant offers the right setting for every occasion. Enjoy our excellent cuisine and let us seduce you culinary...

- Meinolf Griese, chief cook -

Menu recommendation

Amuse Gueule

Fresh Börde leaf salads in balsamic vinaigrette with Westphalian smoked trout and dill-mustard sauce

Braised ox cheeks in onion-pepper jus with colorful Markl vegetables and rosemary fried grated potatoes

Fresh warm chocolate souffle with berries
and vanilla ice cream

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The Griese Terrace

...perhaps the most beautiful place for your afternoon at the Möhnesee ! Enjoy the day, we are happy to be there for you.

Vesper dishes

Large mixed salad plate with fried chicken breast strips,
baguette and butter

Oven fresh tarte flambée "Indian Summer"
with Börde pumpkin, walnuts and cheese

Homemade chicken burger with camembert
and cranberries, salad and dip

Sauerland ham slice
with garnish and fried egg


Fried goat cheese with
caramelized walnuts on salad in raspberry vinaigrette

Baumüller's smoked trout
with cream horseradish, wild herb salad and mini fried grated potatoes

Roasted duck liver on "Himmel & Erde"
(a traditional dish in germany) with own jus and roasted onions

Our shrimp pan
with herb butter, olives and cherry tomatoes


Cream soup of free-range duck with chowder and croutons
Beef broth "Körbecke Style" with marrow dumplings and egg sticks

Fresh pumpkin cream soup with blue chips

Vegan & Vegetarian

Homemade potato
and rosemary fried grated potatoes with
roasted mushrooms and vegetables
Vegan tarte flambée
with cherry tomatoes, onions, garlic and arugula salad

Vegetable lasagne au gratin
with grilled vegetables, garlic, blue chips and buffet salads

Our baked potato
with spicy grilled vegetables and herb curd, salads from the buffet

Fish & Seafood

Fish & Chips baked perch
with herb dip with French fries juliennes
and salad buffet.

Fried plaice
in bacon butter with lemon, mixed salads
and boiled potatoes

Grilled noble fish
with prawns in fresh lobster sauce
with buffet salads and pasta

Pike perch fillet
under potato crust on sweet potato puree
with salads from the buffet

Main Dishes

Roasted poulard breast
on cherry tomato sauce with basil, buffet salads and vegetables

Original Sauerland sika deer raguût
with cranberries and stuffed pear, red cabbage and dumplings

Mixed fillet tips
in Madagascar pepper cream with colorful vegetables and croquettes, salads

Boiled Sauerland veal boiled fillet
in apple-horseradish sauce, vegetables and boiled potatoes

Sirloin medallions
with wild mushroom cream, mixed salads,
vegetables and bread dumplings

Oven-fresh roast duck in its own jus
with spiced chestnuts, red apple cabbage and potato dumplings

Pink roasted steaks of ox filet "Strindberg"
under onion-mustard crust with jus and fried grated potatoes


Homemade berry grits
with bourbon vanilla ice cream

Homemade "Panna Cotta"
on compote of Börde pumpkin with cinnamon ice cream

Homemade caramel parfait
with fruits and mint cream

Our crème brûlée
with fruit salad and Sauerland blueberry ice cream

Gourmet Catering Service

If you cannot be with us, we will come to you with our homemade food.

Our gourmet catering service is at your disposal, whether business events or private celebrations, we will take care of the physical well-being of your guests.

If you like, we will not only deliver the mutually discussed buffet, but also cook individually for you and your guests in your kitchen.

To let you know what you could expect, we have prepared two buffet examples for you:

Grand gala buffet


We serve a fresh potato and porcini mushroom soup with sage crôutons for all festive guests

Cold fish buffet:

Turbot in one piece, Norwegian salmon in herb foam, Breton lobster, "Symphony in smoke" of noble fish, noble fish terrines, Fine North Sea shrimp cocktails and pickled wild salmon.

Salad buffet:

A selection of fresh and dressed salads with different dressings!

Cold meat buffet

French Bresse poularde à la orange, Scottish rack of lamb in ratatouille, Southern French Charentais melon with ham, Pink roasted saddle of venison on wild cranberries.

Warm buffet:

Sauerland roast venison on apple-red cabbage, mixed filet tips in forest mushroom-herb cream, grilled salmon medallion on creamed spinach, giant prawns wrapped in bacon, oven-fresh potato gratin, homemade noodles and buttered spaetzle

Dessert buffet:

Assorted chocolate mousse, Bavarian créme on sour cherries, cappucino rolls, filled profiteroles, exotic fruit salad, homemade ice cream cake, French raw milk cheese.

Please feel free to ask for an individual offer

(starting with 20 participants!)

Westphalian buffet


Westphalian bouillon

Cold fish:

Fresh salmon trout in herb foam, Möhne smoked trout, stuffed Möhne pike perch in one piece


A selection of fresh and dressed salads with different dressings!

Cold meat:

Honey melon with Sauerland ham, Westphalian roast beef with pickled vegetables, original blood and liver sausage, homemade aspic

Warm buffet:

Mixed fillet tips in forest mushroom-herb foam, Baked sourdough ham in prune sauce, Oven-fresh potato-zucchini gratin with garlic, new potatoes and butter noodles


Homemade red fruit jelly with vanilla sauce, Westphalian cottage cheese crème dish, pumpernickel parfait, fruit salad and Westphalian cheeses.

Please feel free to ask for an individual offer

(starting with 20 participants!)

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